Here’s where you’ll find random tips that don’t quite fit in the other categories.

Consider this an eclectic collection 🙂


A Key way to remember… When you’re out and need to remember to bring something home with you, leave your keys with it. For example, if you’re visiting friends after doing groceries and need to put some yogurt in their fridge, put your keys in the fridge with it. You may get some strange looks, but it’s very effective. You definitely won’t leave without the yogurt!


Keep reusable bags in the passenger seat (not the trunk) of your car. That way they’re a visual reminder, making it more likely you’ll bring them into the store, versus realizing when you’re at the checkout that you forgot them in the car.


Ask “for here” next time you’re in Starbucks if you’ll be drinking your beverage in their restaurant. Otherwise, they automatically put drinks in their disposable to go cups. They don’t ask, even though Starbucks sent 3.85 BILLION cups to the landfill in 2017 alone. And nope, they can’t be recycled.


Save money when online shopping by starting the checkout process, but not completing the sale. A lot of online stores will email coupons within a day or two as incentive to return to your virtual shopping cart and pay for your items. Even if it’s only 10-15%, it’s easy money saved. Of course this works if you’re not desperate to order your item right away, and doesn’t work with Amazon.


When you need to remember something and you’re about to fall asleep… Don’t worry about finding pen and paper. Just throw a pillow (or anything else “throwable” that’s within reach) towards your door. A tissue box, magazine, brush, or bottle of lube all work too! It’s the equivalent of tying a string around your finger until the next morning. Hopefully you just remember what it is you’re reminding yourself of!


This driving tip could save your life. When waiting to turn left, most of us pull into the intersection and begin turning our wheels to the left in anticipation of completing the turn. This is so dangerous: if we’re rear-ended, we go flying directly into oncoming traffic! Instead, we need to point our wheels straight ahead, greatly reducing the chance that we’ll hit—or be hit by—another vehicle.