“Today I will live in the moment. Unless it’s unpleasant, in which case

I will have a cookie.”  Cookie Monster


It’s been one of those months. Despite my best intentions, I’ve been MIA from my blog and any other personal goal.

Thankfully I’m not dealing with anything earth-shattering, like a horrendous medical diagnosis. It just started with last month’s Christmas chaos, followed by a family holiday. Interspersed with a few bouts of stomach flu, colds, and snow days. Oh, and dealing with some surprising and scary issues that come with parenting a teen.

All my energy has been spent doing damage control, trying to maintain health and some semblance of peace and order in the home. But every time I try to move forward, I’ve been confronted with a new challenge setting me a few steps back. Now, a month later, I’m discouraged and disappointed in myself.

As my inner circle, you know I have type A qualities: I like to orchestrate my life (and my family’s) and I like things done now, not later. All this is really a euphemistic way of saying I can be impatient and controlling. Which is probably why I’m always trying to temper my temper (I love word play!) with practices designed to bring present-moment peace.

Today, after a bit of time to reflect, I’m trying to remember these practices. Like accepting the present moment, whatever it may be. Like remembering my many blessings, inherent even in some of the greatest challenges of this past month.

Time to gently move on, breathe, and be grateful for my returning physical and emotional strength. All while eating a cookie. And drinking a glass of wine.

Because it’s almost always easier to enjoy the moment with cookies and wine!


(If you’re wondering about the “Cold Water” part of my title, read the Practical Tip below :))


Purely Practical Tip

When we’re anxious or nervous, splashing cold water on our face can help. This triggers our mammalian diving reflex and immediately slows our heart rate by ten to twenty-five percent. Psychology Today


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PLEASE share how you create calm and acceptance when the present moment sucks. Do you have a mantra, a practice, or a favourite wine 🙂 that helps you regain your perspective and be more at peace?



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