If we let our minds go to all the potential horrors of Covid-19, it’s enough to feel utterly overwhelmed and anxious.

There are the disheartening numbers of increased deaths and cases, at home and globally. Financial ramifications are widespread and worrisome. We hear of Covidiots (yup: Covid + Idiot = Covidiot 🙂 ) buying more than their fair share of supplies and exploiting the situation to profit from such hoarding.

I’m drawn daily into this media vortex, and have to make myself come up for air. Being informed is one thing. Being inundated is another! I need to stay grounded so I can provide the emotional leadership my family needs, and for my own sanity’s sake.

That said, we don’t have to look too hard for some of Covid’s silver linings. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  1. Families are getting closer. I’ve never seen so many families going for walks in my neighbourhood. Even teenagers are walking with their families! Kids are safely keeping their physical distance while riding bikes. And neighbours are friendlier than ever.
  2. The environment is benefitting from massively reduced emissions. Air quality has improved with all the reduced vehicle and airplane traffic, especially in Italy and China, where lockdowns have halted practically all vehicles and factories. Previously murky, sludgy canals in Venice are clear and fish are already swimming in them!  I saw this on Facebook the other day. WORLD: There’s no way we can shut everything down in order to lower emissions, slow climate change and protect the environment. MOTHER NATURE: Here’s a virus. Practice. 
  3. Many are now working from home, which their employers previously said was impossible. Now that the “work from home” gates have been flung open, hopefully many can continue with this new option when life returns to normal. This will create more time at home and fewer vehicles and emissions over the long-run.
  4. Everyone has slowed down. It’s like a giant pause button has been pushed. Hyper-scheduled North Americans suddenly have permission and time to be in nature rather than cooped up indoors. They’re making home-cooked meals versus going to fast food drive-thru windows. They’re playing with their kids rather than just driving them to an endless stream of activities.

Sadly, many friends and acquaintances have been affected by Covid-19. Weddings are being radically revamped, milestone birthdays are being cancelled or postponed, innumerable holidays have been called off. The financial ramifications are widespread, with jobs lost and incomes slashed. And there’s the threat of us—or our loved ones—getting seriously sick with the virus. Most of this is beyond our control. But if we are lucky enough to have our health, I dare say, we should try to enjoy some of the benefits of this enforced pause.


Purely Practical Hygiene Tip

Want to reduce the chance of spreading the Corona (or any) virus? Besides washing your hands till they’re raw, put the lid down on your toilet BEFORE you flush. Read here about how “a toilet flush can release up to 80,000 polluted droplets and leave them suspended a metre in the air for hours if the lid is left up.” Then they settle on towels, countertops and toothbrushes. Ewwww.


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What good have you seen arise from this Covid crisis? Any surprise benefits as a result of physical distancing?

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