Good people aren’t hard to find

They’re right around the corner at the end of the line—it’s true. Great Big Sea


We were driving along a quiet and scenic stretch of BC’s Okanagan valley on Canada Day long weekend. It was our first major trip in our new trailer, and we were about two hours away from our destination. For the kids and me, “camping” in our trailer was a wish come true. Ever since we got the trailer a few months earlier, I’d been playing house and setting it up for every conceivable camping comfort and situation.

Except for random mechanical failure, which would leave us stranded on this quiet and scenic stretch of BC’s Okanagan valley.

When Derek and I first felt the lurch and heard something scraping the highway, we knew we were in trouble. When we got out and saw the weight of the trailer resting on the trailer’s tire, he looked at me and said, “The vacation’s over.”

But for no rational reason, I knew it wasn’t over. I felt the peace that came with that faith, and replied “Maybe not.” He looked at me like I was crazy. Admittedly, the current situation dictated we wouldn’t be moving from that spot, but as luck would have it, we were literally blocking the driveway of the Lawrence Cattle and Logging Co. It was the only property for miles around, and it looked welcoming. As we wandered down the driveway, I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of weeping willows and cheerful red Adirondack chairs next to the charming house. This could end well.

The friendly couple who lived there was our age, but with grown children. After assessing our situation, Keith told us our leaf-spring was broken and confirmed we couldn’t drive—or even get towed—anywhere. Long weekend in the BC interior meant that we wouldn’t be able to get a new leaf-spring for several days, but lo and behold, Keith said he could get the trailer into his shop.

Turns out they had a lot of mechanical expertise, owning a logging company. Next thing we knew, he and his eighteen-year old son were welding us a new leaf spring so we could get to our destination and salvage our holiday. Meanwhile Tiana and Chelsea were playing with kittens under the weeping willows and jumping on a trampoline with Keith and Nicky’s niece and nephew. I’m serious: Playing with kittens. Could this be more perfect?

I chatted with Nicky and toured the tip of their ginormous property (they humbly acknowledged they own thousands of acres), and in another hour we were hugging and thanking them profusely. We promised Keith that we would bring the trailer to a proper RV shop prior to driving back home, as he insisted this was a safe but temporary fix; he didn’t feel right with us driving back through the mountain highways without the trailer being “properly” repaired.

What makes this even more of a feel-good story? They didn’t want to accept a penny. Turns out someone had similarly saved their holiday when they had trailer trouble years earlier, and they were happy to pay it forward. Derek had to literally threaten to leave the cash on their shop floor. Their kindness saved our holiday, not to mention countless dollars, and we were happy to thank them with enough money for what Derek called “a NICE dinner out” 🙂

Watching newsfeeds, listening to the horrors of the world, or simply being too busy to notice life’s beauty, we may wonder, Are there still good people in the world? You bet. They’re everywhere. Even on a remote BC highway during a long weekend.


Purely Practical Tip:

Stash any or all of these in your car for a tidier ride: Swiffer duster, a small broom, microfibre cloth and lint roller. Duster keeps your dash dust-free, broom brushes off the mats, cloth wipes away smudges on windows, and the lint-roller gets rid of hair, lint, etc. from upholstery. Then it’s easy to tidy car while gas station attendant fills up your car, waiting for your kid when picking them up from school or activities, or you’re stopped waiting in ferry traffic or border line-ups.


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